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A work in progress online database of the Albert Hoxie Slide Collection owned by the UCLA Department of History. The Albert Hoxie Slide Collection consists of over 160,000 slides taken by Albert Hoxie of art and architecture from all periods and from around the world, but focusing mainly on Western Civilization. The 160,000 slides are a result of Albert Hoxie’s annual photography trips around the world.

Albert Hoxie taught at UCLA for more than 35 years having a great impact on literally tens of thousands of students during his long teaching career. He majored in Classics and History at Stanford and was a graduate student in medieval history (with an art history minor) at Wisconsin when the Second World War began. He served as an officer in Italy and North Africa and was the official historian of the Army Air Force Corps in the Mediterranean Theater of Operations. By 1950 he was teaching both History and Art History at UCLA, but he soon settled in the History department as a jack of all trades. Over the years Albert taught 32 different lecture courses. In 1992, at the age of 80, Albert Hoxie won the Distinguished Teacher award and gifted his slide collection and house in Beverly Hills to the UCLA Department of History. His generous donation is providing graduate fellowships, research funds for junior faculty, and continuing access to his wonderful collection of slides for not only UCLA students and faculty, but eventually all educators.

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